Parent Taught Driver Education Course

Introducing GDL101's PTDE Course for Teenagers who are looking to get their Permit and Driver's License. GDL101 created the VERY FIRST Online Driver Education Course in the Nation.

Amazing Technical Support

State of the Art Ticketing System

GDL101 is known for it's fanatical support system, utilizing the latest technologies and the best ticketing system in the world to provide all of our students with fast, and accurate support on a continual basis. We don't want our students to have any problems, and encourage all of our clients to provide us with feedback so that we can continually improve ourselves. That is why our Motto is "Never Stop Improving".


GDL101 PTDE Online Course Overview

GDL101 supports a systematic and progressive approach to drivers ed. We utlized the latest technologies and trends available for online drivers ed. It has taken us many years to create a program that is easy for students, and at the same time effective for all types of learners. The student will be advancing through 7 different levels. Each level will contain a classroom and driving section. When the student passes each level, they may move on to the next. The idea is to allow certain concepts to sink in, prior to "graduating" to the next level. This program is easy to follow and allows teenagers to practice and retain what they learned in each level.


When are Texas students eligible for the permit exam? Glad you asked! Texas students can take their permit exam when they have completed the first 6 hours of our program. Simply login to your account and continue where you left off. After you complete the first 6 hours of our program, you may begin studying for the exam. Take the permit exam at any time when you are ready.


When are Texas students eligible for the driver's license? Another good question. Texas students are eligible to get the driver's license when they have completed our entire course. Texas law has required the student to complete 32 classroom hours, and 50 driving hours in order to complete this program. When you have completed this program, we will provide you with convenient online documents for you to print, and return to the DPS.


That seems like a LOT easier than course 101. What gives? Nothing complicated here. It's just easier. A LOT easier.

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